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Legal Tech Startups That You Should Know About

Marcus Lim

Marcus Lim

legal tech startups
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    The legal industry is enormous. According to data cited by Statista, American law is now a $350 billion dollar per year industry—and the growth has been more over the last five years than has been the national economy as a whole. In a hyper competitive environment, many law firms and legal departments are falling behind.

    A significant problem is that their technology practices are simply out-of-date. Over the past decade, legal tech startups have brought major changes—truly disrupting the traditionally conservative legal industry. In this article, you will find an overview of the top legal tech startups that you should know about in 2022.

    Lupl: A Game Changer in Open Industry Platform and Legal Collaboration

    Founded in 2019, Lupl has become one of the top tech startups in the industry. Lupl is an open industry collaboration platform that was created to serve the unique needs of law firms, legal organizations, and corporate legal departments. The original idea came together after many hundreds of hours of conversations with experienced professionals from all parts of the legal industry. From big-law firms and corporate legal departments to small boutique firms and specialized non-profit organizations, attorneys and other legal professionals consistently expressed the same stresses, frustrations, and workflow disruptions. Lupl is a legal tech startup focused on resolving these problems. Here is what you should know about how Lupl works and the benefits that it provides:

    • A Collaborative Workplace: As an open industry platform of legal, Lupl provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate shared work space for legal projects. The shared collaborative workspace is designed to ensure that workflow is optimized. Reduce the “friction” involved with getting everyone on the same page in a complex, collaborative legal project. As an example, Lupl allows you to easily share the full range of legal documents with your co-collaborators. Simplifying potentially “clunky” tasks like document sharing can save a lot of time and frustration.
    • Reliable Data Security: With legal tech, cybersecurity matters. Lawyers and law firms have a unique professional responsibility to protect the confidentiality of their client’s information. Lupl is a fully secure collaborative platform that allows you to share information and communicate with collaborators without worrying about data breaches. Sensitive documents will be fully protected on the platform. Lupl is fully sector-secure and compliant with System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2. You do not have to sacrifice data security to have a seamless and easy-to-use collaborative platform.
    • Seamless Integration: As an attorney or other working legal professional in 2022, you undoubtedly have some tech-based tools and platforms that you like. You probably also have others that you find frustrating and are ready to replace. Lupl was designed after countless hours of discussions with actual lawyers and legal professionals. We fully understand that lawyers and law firms do not want to start from scratch. Our open industry collaborative legal platform was built for easy integration with existing tools. Lupl supports most of the most popular third party applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, iManage, Net Documents, SharePoint, OneDrive, Zoom, and DocuSign. Keep using what you already like—let Lupl make things easier.
    • Forward-Focused: Ultimately, the goal of Lupl is to facilitate workflow. Attorneys should be freed up to focus on doing what they do best—practice the law. When too much time gets spent on case management, work coordination, and administrative tasks, it can slow things down. It can also lead to feelings of burnout for attorneys. Our collaborative legal work platform helps to keep things moving forward. Lupl is beautifully simple, easy-to-learn, and allows legal professionals to track, manage, and complete projects efficiently.

    Are you ready to see what Lupl can do for your firm or department? You do not have to make a big commitment to get started. You can begin working with Lupl for free, no credit card or commitment is required. You can also request an in-depth demo from one of the knowledgeable members of our team. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and your partners, show you how the collaboration platform works, and answer any questions you have about our products or services.

    Other Legal Tech Startups to Know About in 2022

    Broadly defined, the term legal tech refers to the specialized forms of software and other technology designed to help attorneys, law firms, and legal organizations deliver services to their clients. There is strong demand for improved efficiency and optimization in law. Tech startups provide a potential solution. Last year, the Connecticut-based technological research and consulting firm Gartner predicted that legal tech spending would increase by nearly 200% by 2025. With so much innovation coming to the industry, there are many legal tech startups worth watching, including:

    • Relatively: One of the more well-known and well-established legal tech startups, Relatively offers software for legal and compliance work focused largely on e-discovery. It helps parties manage and navigate the large volumes of data that are often produced during e-discovery.
    • LawGeex: A Tel Aviv, Israel based software technology company, LawGeex provides automation services for firms, organizations, and legal departments that are dealing with contracts.
    • Luminance: Luminance is one of the market leaders for artificial intelligence (AI) in legal process automation. The legal tech start-up company offers solutions for firms and organizations that can benefit from automation of certain legal work.
    • CrowdJustice: For organizations engaged in certain types of legal projects, funding can be an issue. CrowdJustice is a regulatory-compliant crowdfunding platform for the legal industry. It allows for the public and private funding of certain legal actions.
    • ContractPodAi: With headquarters in London, ContractPodAi is a cloud-based platform for contract management. It enables parties to better optimize the lifecycle of an agreement.
    • Yonder: An Austin, TX based startup company founded in 2017, Yonder helps businesses and organizations protect their brand identity and increase its value through social intelligence and effective optimization.
    • TIQ: An automated time-tracking app designed for lawyers and law firms, TIQ was created to alleviate some of the administrative burden that comes with documenting work.
    • Libryo: Libryo is a legal tech platform that makes it easier for legal professionals to cross-check laws and regulatory requirements. It is especially useful for attorneys, compliance managers, and risk sustainability professionals.
    • eEvidence: eEvidence is a legal tech startup that allows parties to register emails. It offers a number of different benefits law firms, legal organizations, legal professionals in certain circumstances.

    Request Your Free Demonstration With Lupl Today

    At Lupl, we work with large law firms, legal organizations, legal departments, GCs, small firms, and solo practitioners. Our tech startup is changing the game in legal collaboration. Optimize workflow: Save time and money on your complex collaborative legal projects. If you have any questions about our legal collaboration platform or our services more generally, we are more than happy to get you answers. Contact us today to learn more. You can get started today for free.

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