Elevate Your Practice with the LTP

Effortlessly collaborate with your team and clients to manage tasks, deadlines, and knowledge to drive results.

Elevate Your Practice with the LTP

Effortlessly collaborate with your team and clients to manage tasks, deadlines, and knowledge to drive results.

Too much of legal work is managing legal work. But it doesn't have to be.

Greater Visibility

Get a bird's eye view of everything relating to your matters with flexible views. Always know where tasks and deadlines stand across all matters. And review all activity in real time.

Streamline Tasks

Assign tasks, set priorities, and ensure balanced work distribution among your team, effortlessly managing your team's workload, all with Lupl.

Customized Workflows

Define the steps, tasks, and deadlines for each matter, assign roles and responsibilities to team members, and track the progress and status of each workflow.

Integrated Knowledge

Easily capture firm expertise and experience. Turn playbooks into Lupl Templates, enhancing efficiency and reducing the time spent searching for data.

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Intuitive Legal Matter Management

The Legal Technology Platform offers a powerful yet user-friendly interface where you can efficiently manage your legal work, create new matters in seconds, and collaborate in real time. The Legal Technology Platform is designed to streamline legal processes and workflows.

Stay Connected & In Control

Access the Legal Technology Platform from any device with our secure, cloud-based software. Whether at your desk or on the go, the Legal Technology Platform is available on your desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Stay connected and in control, ensuring you're always on top of your legal matters.

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Comprehensive Team Oversight

The Legal Technology Platform provides you with the means to capture and oversee your team's work. By having full visibility into tasks, important deadlines, and progress, you can ensure that your team delivers consistent results on every client matter.

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Client Satisfaction & Loyalty

The Legal Technology Platform's matter-centric tools, like customizable Workstreams and no-code Forms, boost your legal team's efficiency. This leads to happier clients, who are more likely to return and refer others, growing your firm's client base.

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Built With Insights From Industry Leaders

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Introducing a world-first partnership.

The Legal Technology Platform Initiative (or LTPI) is a world-first partnership between Lupl and the Ministry of Law, Singapore to lower the barriers to entry for small and mid-sized Singapore law practices to adopt and successfully use technology. Find out more.

The LTPI is a key pillar of the Ministry of Law, Singapore's Technology and Innovation Roadmap to promote innovation, technology adoption, and development in Singapore's legal industry.

Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Efficiency

The Legal Technology Platform seamlessly integrates with various legal and productivity tools so you can streamline your work and knowledge management processes. Connect the Legal Technology Platform with iManage, NetDocs, SharePoint, OneDrive, DocuSign, and more for a fully integrated legal workflow that meets your unique requirements.

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