An automated, no-code form builder that lets you to capture the information you need for your matter with zero manual effort.

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Automate Information Collection

Automated & No-Code

Inside every Workstream you initiate, the Legal Tech Platform builds a unique Form. The fields inside each Form map automatically to your Workstream columns.


Add instructions, hide or mandate fields and include helper text. Choose from dropdowns, checkboxes, plain text, rich text, file uploads and more. The Legal Tech Platform Forms are easy to customize.

Seamless Sharing

When you're ready, publish your form and share via email, Teams or your preferred app. Form recipients don't have to be in the Legal Tech Platform.

Effortless Integration

Form responses automatically  populate your Workstream, eliminating extra effort and streamlining tasks like clearing conflicts, securing fee quotes, obtaining advice, and managing counsel invoices.

Create Forms With AI

LuplAI streamlines Workstream setup - forward emails or use text prompts to build tailored plans, enhancing deal, project, and case outcomes. Forms are automatically created in the background.

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Endless Use Cases

Efficiently collect and manage information through Forms - a seamless way to streamline communication and enhance your legal project management.

Tailored Instructions

Provide specific guidance for Form completion, ensuring accurate and relevant data collection.

Multi-Level Security

Enhance data security with password protection and customizable access levels, guaranteeing sensitive information remains confidential.

Centralized Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with local counsel by sending Forms directly to their inbox, promoting a unified approach to data collection.

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