HighQ vs. Lupl

Choosing the right cloud-based legal technology platform is foundational to the success of your law firm or corporate legal department. This page compares two leading legal technology platforms – HighQ and Lupl – to help you choose the platform that’s right for you.

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There’s never been a better time to be a legal technology buyer, so choose carefully, and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with whatever solution you choose!



Both HighQ and Lupl provide a range of solutions for customers in law firms and corporate legal departments. They include robust security, collaboration, legal project management, task and workflow management, case and matter management functionality. Choosing the right tool depends on your needs.

What does Lupl do?


Lupl is a freemium cloud-based legal technology platform for web, desktop and mobile, with a simple, intuitive design and an open approach. Lupl was built with the support of a global community of law firms and legal departments.

Lupl has powerful native functionality spanning case and matter management, legal project management, client collaboration, document sharing, document management, workflow management, and secure communication.

Lupl is a single and cost-effective legal technology platform for all users, which takes less than 57 seconds to get set up in Lupl and there is no ongoing maintenance or configuration. The platform is highly-integrated because of its “Bring Your Own System” technology which allows organizations to connect their own tools and systems.


What does HighQ do?


HighQ is part of the Thomson Reuters suite of legal technology products. It is a configurable solution that encompasses document management, file storage and sharing, social collaboration and solution templating.


Some of its features include task assignment and tracking, smart forms and data sheets, configurable site dashboards, customizable metadata and shared team calendars. HighQ offers a white-label option so that law firms or corporate legal departments can use HighQ’s building blocks to build branded portals, platforms or instances depending on their use case.

What are the benefits of Lupl?

  • Freemium

    Lupl is freemium, which means you can get started right away for FREE. (No credit card, no time limit.

  • Speed

    It takes less than one minute to get set up in Lupl and it requires no configuration or ongoing maintenance.

  • Pricing

    Lupl’s pricing is transparent and cost-effective. Lupl never charges for outside users or for storage.

  • Easy to work externally

    Lupl is a single environment for all users, which means adding a client or outside counsel to your matter is one click.

  • No training

    Lupl’s simple, intuitive design requires no training.

  • Built by firms and clients

    Lupl was built with the support of law firms and clients.

  • Integrations

    Lupl is a vendor-agnostic solution. It has rich native functionality and allows customers to plug and play with a range of integrated solutions.

  • Security and compliance

    Lupl has been built to meet or exceed all sector security requirements. This includes automatically saving matter archives to a connected DMS.

  • Mobile

    Lupl’s mobile app is amongst the most advanced in the industry and puts all your matters in your pocket.

What are the benefits of HighQ?

  • Customisation

    HighQ is a highly-customizable solution. It can be configured almost endlessly.

  • Security

    HighQ is a highly-secure solution.

  • Analytics

    HighQ has a powerful analytics module.

  • Portals

    When you need a portal solution to report to clients, HighQ has a range of white-labelling functionality.

  • Integrations

    HighQ is particularly well integrated with the Thomson Reuters suite of products.

So which should you choose?


We’ll give you a lawyers’ answer – it depends. There are great use cases for both Lupl and HighQ. Overall, you may find that:

Lupl is a great solution if:


  • You want to get started quickly without the need for significant technical configuration and customization.
  • You’re looking for a simple, intuitive legal tech solution that is cost-effective and easy to use.
  • You want to establish a shared workspace environment between law firms and clients and don’t want or need a portal setup.

HighQ is a great solution if:


  • You are looking to build something completely custom for your needs.
  • You’re looking for white-label functionality.
  • You have resources to administer and manage custom technical systems.