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Revolutionizing Legal Practices with the Legal Technology Platform

Jessica Low

Jessica Low

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    Discover how That.Legal LLC, a boutique intellectual property law firm, harnesses the power of the Legal Technology Platform to streamline communication and empower smaller practices


    Problem: That.Legal LLC, a remote intellectual property law firm, struggled with the absence of industry-specific tech applications to efficiently manage correspondence and document organization.

    Implementation: They adopted the Legal Tech Platform (LTP), a centralized cloud repository that enables quick storage, retrieval, and organization of correspondence and key documents.

    Payout: The LTP allowed That.Legal LLC to reduce operational costs and bring the economies of scale of larger firms to their small practice, fostering growth and efficiency.



    That.Legal LLC, an intellectual property law firm, faced the challenge of managing correspondence and organizing important documents without a holistic tech solution tailored to their industry. As they transitioned to remote work, the need for an effective solution became increasingly important.

    That's when the firm discovered the LTP, which provided a centralized cloud repository capable of streamlining communication and document management for legal practice  s. With the LTP, That.Legal LLC can now efficiently manage correspondence with clients and counterparties, as well as provide a shared space for easy access to key documents.

    One of the most significant benefits of the LTP is its ability to store and retrieve information quickly. As Mr. Mark Teng, Executive Director of That.Legal LLC shares, "Simply copying a filing email address will cause the LTP to file the correspondence accurately in the correct matter channel." This feature enables fast and accurate organization, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

    The LTP has had a substantial impact on That.Legal LLC's operations, with the firm noting that "the use of legal technology like LTP empowers lawyers like us to strike out on our own by reducing the cost of setting up a firm. Bringing the operational economies of scale of a big firm to small and medium-sized practices like ours."

    By embracing the LTP and participating in the innovation process, That.Legal LLC has been able to optimize their workflows and provide more efficient services to their clients.


    About the LTP/Lupl

    The Legal Tech Platform helps lawyers streamlines legal workflows and integrates with commonly used legal tech tools and services in Singapore. Co-developed by the Singapore Ministry of Law in consultation with over 100 lawyers from small and medium Singapore law firms, the platform is powered by Lupl and designed to make it easier for law firms to organize, collaborate, and manage legal matters.

    Adoption support and grants are available for the LTP as part of the Singapore Ministry of Law's Legal Technology Platform Initiative, which aims to help Singaporean small and mid-sized law practices in their digital transformation journey to stay competitive and meet their professional obligations of confidentiality and security.

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