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LTP x Tessaract integration: How we built it

Marcus Lim

Marcus Lim

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    The legal industry in Singapore has long recognized the need for better integration between the various tools and systems used by lawyers in their daily work.

    To address this need and accelerate the digitalization journey of law firms, the Ministry of Law in Singapore partnered with Lupl to develop the Legal Technology Platform (LTP). With the LTP, lawyers can handle everything from project management, document organization, task delegation, and cross-firm collaboration.

    After spending several months collaborating with members of the Singapore legal community (which included an Industry Engagement and Advisory Board comprising 10 leading lawyers from various small-medium law firms), several key elements were identified as essential development work. 

    We wanted to develop a solution that met the needs of the Singapore legal community, so several months were spent collaborating with an Industry Engagement and Advisory Board comprising 10 leading lawyers from various small-medium law firms. This meant that early gaps in the platform were identified and then actioned upon. 

    This community-led development approach led us quickly to the door of Cherilyn Tan, founder and CEO of Tessaract Technologies and Asia Law Network.

    Why We Built It

    Nobody likes having their tools scattered about when they’ve got a job to do. 

    It was clear early on that the LTP needed to integrate seamlessly with other legal tools popular in Singapore: to catalyze the digital transformation needed in the legal industry, it had to bring everything lawyers needed into one place. 

    Since launching, the LTP has developed integrations with various software:

    • Practice management systems (such as Tessaract and Clio)
    • Billing systems (such as Tessaract)
    • Communications tools (such as WhatsApp)
    • Public systems (such as eLitigation and ACRA)

    Based on the feedback from the LTP’s pre-development phase, it was made clear however that one of the most pressing integrations that had to be developed was with the business and data management platform, Tessaract. 

    Tessaract Technologies, a  B2B SaaS technology provider, offers a unique cloud-native, workflow automation solution, that helps professional services firms to organize their processes. For lawyers, it is key for managing clients: from acquisition, payment and billing.

    If the LTP was going to be successful, it had to be able to bring in all these functionalities.

    How We Built It

    The integration between the LTP and Tessaract was was developed through a process of collaboration between Lupl, the Ministry of Law, Tessaract, and experts within the industry. 

    The Lupl and Tessaract development teams collaborated closely for an exciting 5-6 months during the initial development phase. This period allowed both teams to meticulously identify and rigorously test all crucial data points for the API, ensuring that clients receive a thoroughly refined and well-crafted product.

    When prototypes were ready, they were presented to various lawyers for feedback. It was essential to have a ‘user first’ approach, so we made sure to consistently take onboard feedback throughout  so that when the integration was released, it would meet the needs of our target audience.

    The Benefits

    A lawyer’s time is precious. The aim of this project was to lessen the burden of paperwork and manual processes, by combining familiar software with something new. The result was an integration that has provided real benefits to lawyers. 

    With the ability to leverage information from Tessaract on the LTP, legal professionals can seamlessly switch between different workflows using just one platform. From billing and budgeting to client reviews to case management, the LTP Tessaract integration has paved the way for more efficient processes and informed decision-making.

    One of the more unique features of the Tessaract integration is the ability for users to view files saved on their Tessaract’s cloud storage from the LTP. This again means that lawyers don’t need to keep switching between programs to do their job.

    Encouraging Digital Transformation

    This integration is just one example of how the LTP is helping to revolutionize the legal industry in Singapore. We are continually striving to improve our platform and service, and it’s a privilege to work with other legal tech providers to achieve our mission.

    By bringing together the various tools and systems used by lawyers into one place, legal professionals can enjoy an online work environment that allows them to focus on their matters, rather than a stack of paperwork. Request a demo to see the LTP in action today. 

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