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Embracing Digital Transformation in Litigation Services with the Legal Technology Platform

Jessica Low

Jessica Low

Lee Bon Leong & Co
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    Discover how Lee Bon Leong & Co leverages the Legal Technology Platform to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in town council litigation


    Problem: Lee Bon Leong & Co, a boutique litigation firm specializing in town council cases, needed a solution to keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape and manage large volumes of cases.

    Implementation: They adopted the Legal Technology Platform (LTP) to track cases on the cloud, improve internal communication, and streamline filing processes.

    Payout: By implementing the LTP, Lee Bon Leong & Co has seen enhanced efficiency, faster filing, and better support for town councils, positioning the firm for growth and success.



    Lee Bon Leong & Co, a boutique litigation firm with nearly five decades of experience, has successfully served town councils in Singapore. As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, the firm recognized the need for online tools to help them stay competitive and manage their large case volumes.

    The Legal Tech Platform (LTP) proved to be the perfect solution for their needs. With the Singapore Ministry of Law overseeing the initiative, the firm confidently adopted the platform to track cases on the cloud, streamline filing processes, and improve internal communication.

    The LTP has significantly enhanced efficiency within the firm, making it easier to track cases, even those with court hearings and warrants of arrest spanning up to seven years. Furthermore, the platform has improved communication touchpoints, enabling real-time visibility of matters and keeping lawyers in the loop. As Mr Jeffrey Beh, Partner of the firm, shared, "The LTP improves communication touchpoints within the team, keeping lawyers in the loop with real-time visibility of the matters."

    One of the most valuable assets of the LTP for Lee Bon Leong & Co is the template feature. The templates have made filing faster and more efficient, proving invaluable when dealing with town council cases. The firm views the LTP as a worthy investment, not just for their practice, but for law firms across Singapore.

    As the legal landscape continues to evolve, Lee Bon Leong & Co understands the importance of embracing change and adopting new technology to stay ahead.


    About the LTP/Lupl

    The Legal Tech Platform helps lawyers streamlines legal workflows and integrates with commonly used legal tech tools and services in Singapore. Co-developed by the Singapore Ministry of Law in consultation with over 100 lawyers from small and medium Singapore law firms, the platform is powered by Lupl and designed to make it easier for law firms to organize, collaborate, and manage legal matters.

    Adoption support and grants are available for the LTP as part of the Singapore Ministry of Law's Legal Technology Platform Initiative, which aims to help Singaporean small and mid-sized law practices in their digital transformation journey to stay competitive and meet their professional obligations of confidentiality and security.

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