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Embracing Digital Transformation in Conveyancing with the Legal Technology Platform

Jessica Low

Jessica Low

BR Law Corporation
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    Learn how BR Law Corporation's conveyancing department leverages on the Legal Technology Platform to standardize workflows, improve collaboration, and elevate service standards across their growing team


    Problem: BR Law Corporation (BR Law)’s rapidly growing conveyancing department needed a solution to standardize workflows, improve collaboration, and effectively apply best practices across their diverse team.

    Implementation: The firm adopted the Legal Tech Platform (LTP) to facilitate collaboration, track tasks, share precedents, and streamline project management across different branches and teams.

    Payout: By implementing the LTP, BR Law has experienced time savings, enhanced skill development opportunities, and a unique channel for communicating their needs to the Lupl team.



    BR Law's conveyancing department has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with multiple branches and diverse teams working together to support a large volume of work. As the world becomes more digital, the firm recognizes the need for standardization and continuous improvement in their service standards.

    The Ministry of Law's initiative to roll out the Legal Tech Platform (LTP) offers a holistic approach to supporting digitization in the Singapore legal sector. The LTP has become an invaluable tool for BR Law's conveyancing department, allowing members from different branches and teams to collaborate, standardize workflows, and keep track of tasks for matters and internal projects. The platform also enables quick sharing of solutions and facilitates searching for precedents. Ms. Toh Ming Min, Senior Associate, adds "For us, automation saves time, which in intent offers greater opportunity for conveyancing staff to upgrade their skill sets in other areas."

    Online legal project management through the LTP has proven to be a time-saving and convenient method for tracking deadlines and monitoring progress. With web and mobile apps available, the platform ensures seamless and secure file sharing with clients via email or WhatsApp through an authentication process.

    BR Law views the LTP as a catalyst for unlocking greater internal potential. Automation saves time, allowing conveyancing staff to focus on upgrading their skill sets in other areas. The firm also values the unique opportunity to communicate with the LTP development team about their specific needs, shaping the platform to better serve the legal industry.


    About the LTP/Lupl

    The Legal Tech Platform helps lawyers streamlines legal workflows and integrates with commonly used legal tech tools and services in Singapore. Co-developed by the Singapore Ministry of Law in consultation with over 100 lawyers from small and medium Singapore law firms, the platform is powered by Lupl and designed to make it easier for law firms to organize, collaborate, and manage legal matters.

    Adoption support and grants are available for the LTP as part of the Singapore Ministry of Law's Legal Technology Platform Initiative, which aims to help Singaporean small and mid-sized law practices in their digital transformation journey to stay competitive and meet their professional obligations of confidentiality and security.

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