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Elevating Efficiency in Boutique Law Firms with the Legal Technology Platform

Jessica Low

Jessica Low

Tyto LLC
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    Discover how Tyto LLC leverages the Legal Technology Platform to enhance internal efficiency, competitiveness, and collaboration in construction and general commercial disputes


    Problem: Tyto LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in construction and commercial disputes, needed a solution to raise their internal efficiency and competitiveness while dealing with the challenges of managing large amounts of information.

    Implementation: The firm adopted the Legal Tech Platform (LTP), benefiting from its real-time view of all matters, task assignments, milestones, and mobile accessibility.

    Payout: With the LTP, Tyto LLC has experienced increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and the potential to achieve more as they move towards a digital legal landscape.



    Inspired by ancient symbolism and wisdom, Tyto LLC strives to provide personalized and professional legal services for construction and general commercial disputes. As a small firm, they recognize the importance of leveraging technology to raise their internal efficiency and competitiveness.

    The Singapore Ministry of Law's strong support for the LTP has made it an ideal localized application for Singapore law firms. Previously, Tyto LLC faced challenges in filtering through chains of emails and linking tasks back to specific matters. With the LTP, the firm's internal processes have become more efficient, as the platform provides a real-time view of all matters, allowing tasks to be assigned to different team members and milestones to be added.

    As Mr. Tan Joo Seng, Founder and Director, shares: "With the LTP, internal processes become more efficient, because the team has a real-time view of all matters."

    Moreover, the LTP offers mobile access with notifications, serving as reminders for important tasks and making information available anytime, anywhere. As the legal world moves towards digitization, the LTP becomes an essential support for firms like Tyto LLC.

    The grant provided for the LTP adoption has been helpful for firms to reap its benefits, and Tyto LLC is confident that they have the potential to achieve more than ever before. Mr. Tan concludes: “As we move towards a digital legal world, the LTP becomes an essential support for firms to journey to the cloud."


    About the LTP/Lupl

    The Legal Tech Platform helps lawyers streamlines legal workflows and integrates with commonly used legal tech tools and services in Singapore. Co-developed by the Singapore Ministry of Law in consultation with over 100 lawyers from small and medium Singapore law firms, the platform is powered by Lupl and designed to make it easier for law firms to organize, collaborate, and manage legal matters.

    Adoption support and grants are available for the LTP as part of the Singapore Ministry of Law's Legal Technology Platform Initiative, which aims to help Singaporean small and mid-sized law practices in their digital transformation journey to stay competitive and meet their professional obligations of confidentiality and security.

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